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Are you considering IUD insertion near Houston? If so, you are not alone. Many women are turning to IUDs as their birth control of choice. This form of birth control requires only one fast, safe, and comfortable insertion process for it to begin protecting you from unwanted pregnancy. Gynecology specialists recommend IUD insertion for many reasons, so if you would like to take advantage of this innovative birth control, consult your gynecologist about your IUD options.


Birth control is necessary if you do not want to become pregnant, but it might not always be convenient. Birth IUD Houston control pills require adhering to a rigid schedule of taking a pill at the same time each day. Condoms too necessitate the temporary interference of sexual activities to ensure pregnancy does not take place. However, IUDs demand only a single office visit after which you can enjoy peace of mind about your pregnancy protection. OBGYN doctors advise only that you periodically check the strings attached to the IUD device to ensure that it remains in place.


Some types of birth control require precise usage or they may offer significantly lessened protection against unwanted pregnancy. For instance, if you take birth control pills at varying times of day, or you happen to forget a day, you might raise your risk of getting pregnant. Though not a common occurrence, condoms can also break and increase the chances of pregnancy. IUDs come with a very small risk of future pregnancy.


If you know that you do not want to become pregnant for several years, IUD insertion can provide the long-term pregnancy protection you need. Depending on the type of IUD that you decide to use, you could enjoy the benefits of this birth control method for up to a decade. IUDs that use hormones are typically effective for a minimum of three years. In some cases, your gynecologist might not suggest the replacement of it for five years. A copper IUD can double that timespan. So don’t hesitate to discuss your IUD choices with your gynecologist. She can help you decide which type suits your needs and set up an appointment for your IUD insertion.