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Are you looking for a permanent form of birth control? If so, you may think that you must undergo tubal ligation. While this method can be effective at preventing future pregnancies, it is no longer the only procedure that can achieve this outcome. Instead, you can choose Essure in Houston. Essure is a convenient, minimally invasive procedure that can provide permanent birth control. To find out if Essure is the right procedure for you, talk to a women’s healthcare expert who can address your questions and concerns.

Tablets and ClockWho Is a Candidate for Essure?

Essure is a nonreversible procedure, so to be a good candidate for it, you must be sure that you have no desire Essure Houston to become pregnant in the future. Essure is a particularly attractive birth control method for women already with families who want to avoid unexpected pregnancies. It may also be the right choice for women who have determined that they do not want biological children. Prior to receiving Essure, your gynecologist may conduct an extensive discussion to be certain that you are informed and comfortable about your decision.

How Does Essure Work?

The fallopian tubes are the passageways through which the eggs travel from the ovaries. If these structures are obstructed, though, they can no longer carry eggs to where sperm may fertilize them. Essure creates a safe obstruction of the fallopian tubes with the use of small implants. These implants are introduced into the fallopian tubes where they prompt the formation of scar tissue. After about three months, this issue will completely obstruct the movement of eggs into the uterus.

Why Should I Consider Essure?

Women who do not want biological children may use condoms or oral birth control for years with great success. However, these methods also demand a high level of time and financial commitment. Other women may decide to do tubal ligation, but they must then endure the common side effects of surgical procedures. In many cases, tubal ligation results in postoperative discomfort and may even necessitate weeks of recovery. In comparison, Essure sterilization is fast, easy, and safe. Your gynecologist can likely finish your procedure in less than an hour, allowing you to quickly return to your everyday life.