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Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) are a group of problems that result from the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy. FASD can be particularly heartbreaking because it’s 100% preventable. Unfortunately, expecting mothers are often given conflicting information by well-intentioned, but poorly informed friends and family members. Instead, rely on your Ob/Gyn to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

Watch this featured video to learn more about FASDs. This obstetrics expert explains that FASDs can lead to physical, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities that are irreversible. You can protect your child from FASD-induced birth defects by not consuming any amount of alcohol at any time during your pregnancy.

The obstetrics specialists at Women’s Healthcare Associates are a trusted source of evidence-based medical information for expecting mothers. You can call our Ob/Gyn clinic in Houston at 713-654-8128 to request an appointment.