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Preeclampsia is a serious complication that only happens during pregnancy. It typically starts after 20 weeks of gestation, and it’s characterized by abnormally high blood pressure, accompanied by other problems like kidney damage. Preeclampsia can be life-threatening, and it requires immediate obstetric care. Currently, preeclampsia can only be diagnosed late in the pregnancy, but medical researchers think they’ve found a way to detect it as early as six weeks.

The medical investigators say the test would work much like a standard pregnancy test. The technology detects levels of a protein called copeptin in the pregnant woman’s body. This early detection system isn’t available at Ob/Gyn clinics yet, but it’s promising news for future moms-to-be who may be at risk of preeclampsia. In the meantime, women can protect themselves and their growing babies by working with their obstetricians to manage the risks.

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