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Women have long been taught to put up with the symptoms of PMS, menopause, and menstruation — just aspects of being a woman we have to deal with. But with natural hormone replacement therapy, you no longer have to accept the hormonal imbalances accompanying menopause and the damaging side effects as your new reality.

Menopause is a process that occurs naturally when women’s ovaries run out of functioning eggs. When a woman is nearing menopause, her remaining eggs become resistant to follicle-stimulating hormone and reduce estrogen production. This drop in estrogen can lead to a wide range of symptoms, including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, moodiness, irritability and more. Menopause also involves a decrease in ovary production of testosterone. The drop in testosterone can lead to lower sex drive, weight gain and decreased muscle tone.

While many of these symptoms were previously seen as inevitable aspects of aging, we now have options to treat those symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Treatments to Beat Menopause Symptoms

If you’re looking to beat menopause symptoms, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy might be right for you. Hormone replacement therapy, also known as HRT, uses hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone to treat symptoms like hot flashes, lowered sex drive and vaginal dryness. Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy provides a method to replicate your normal hormone levels, releasing bioidentical hormones into your body’s bloodstream. The steady, slow release of hormones from the pellets helps prevent the up and downside effects of other types of hormone therapy, such as pills or transdermal application. Women who use BioTE bioidentical hormone replacement therapy have enjoyed a significant reduction in menopause symptoms and improved overall quality of life.

In addition to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, there are other ways to provide relief from menopause symptoms. Lifestyle changes and changes to your environment can go a long way toward mitigating menopause symptoms, especially when conducted in tandem with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly are both key aspects of maintaining your overall health and minimizing menopause symptoms. The healthier you are, the more resilient your body is to menopause symptoms. Aerobic exercise can also serve to combat moodiness or irritability by boosting endorphins. It’s also beneficial to notice certain habits, foods or drinks that trigger hot flashes or other symptoms, such as spicy foods or caffeine. If those are triggers for you, try to limit their intake.

Altering your environment can also be a useful tool in providing relief from menopause symptoms. Installing ceiling fans with remote controls in your bedroom or home office provides you some relief from hot flashes at the touch of a button. Dressing lightly or wearing layers can also assist you in those moments, letting you shed a layer or two if you’re dealing with a hot flash.

As you consider your options for relief from menopause symptoms, the first step is talking to an experienced BioTE bioidentical hormone pellet therapy provider today.