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Women with overactive bladder (OAB) suffer from frequent, sudden urges to urinate, and this can lead to the loss of bladder control. OAB can be an embarrassing, socially isolating the medical problem that dramatically disrupts normal life. You can hear what it’s really like to live with OAB when you watch this video. It features several women who were diagnosed, as well as a gynecologist who specializes in urinary conditions.

These women explain how OAB makes life more difficult. They always had to know where the closest bathroom was, and it was challenging to go on vacations. The possibility of urinary incontinence was a constant threat. But by talking with their doctors about their symptoms, these women were able to get the treatment they needed.

If you suffer from OAB or another form of urinary incontinence and live near Houston, you can find the help you need at Women’s Healthcare Associates. Call our Ob/Gyn clinic at 713-654-8128.