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Patient talking to Doctor

Pain that lasts six months or longer, and is located between your hips and beneath your belly is called chronic pelvic pain. This discomfort may be caused by a treatable, underlying medical condition, or it may be idiopathic—without a known cause. Regardless, you shouldn’t wait too long to consult your gynecologist. Take a few minutes to prepare for a productive conversation at the Ob/Gyn clinic.

Write down a few notes about your family medical history and personal medical history. Your doctor will likely ask about any prior issues related to digestive, urinary, and reproductive health, such as uterine fibroids, interstitial cystitis, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Additionally, expect the gynecologist to ask about specific times when you experience pain, such as during sex or after sitting for a long time. Be prepared to describe your pain, including whether it feels dull, severe, or cramping.

At Women’s Healthcare Associates, you’ll find a welcoming setting and warm healthcare providers who will work closely with you to help you achieve optimum wellness. Call 713-654-8128 if you’ve been suffering from chronic pelvic pain and live near Houston.